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          Sundays at 9:30am

          2315 173rd Ave NE, Redmond

          find us  

          "ENCOUNTERING JESUS, BEING like JESUS, and IMPACTING our world for JESUS."

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          Looking for our video sermons during the COVID-19 Stay Home Mandate?? Check them out on our Live Stream Page.

          Download the weekly sermon to your puter or MP3 player and listen to it on the run. If you would like to subscribe to a Podcast of the sermons, please use one of the following links. Subscribe to iTunes Podcast | Subscribe to RSS feed | Subscribe to Xbox Music Podcast

        1. Teach us to "Lent"
        2. Game of Thrones (Lessons from the Divided Kingdom)
        3. Reverent Wisdom
        4. King David (Lessons from the Life of David)
        5. Shepherd David (Kingdom Lessons from the Life of David)
        6. When it Feels Impossible (Guest Dani Cole)
        7. What Do We Really Want? (Kingdom Lessons from Saul)
        8. The King Maker (Kingdom Lessons from the Life of Samuel)
        9. Guest Lyndsey Watson, Cascade Covenant Church "Epiphany & Response"
        10. Real People Encountering Our Real God
        11. The Darkness Has Not Overe It
        12. He is the Messiah
        13. The Word Bees Flesh
        14. Final Thoughts to the Philippians
        15. [Philippians 3]
        16. Confirmation Sunday
        17. Working Out Our Salvation
        18. A Life Worthy of the Gospel!
        19. To Live is Christ!
        20. Jesus is the Hero!
        21. Saturated in Prayer
        22. Saturated in the Word
        23. The Gospel in Me: Fruit to Root
        24. The Good News
        25. Fall Kick Off
        26. Annual Meeting
        27. Haggai
        28. The Lord of the Harvest
        29. Break Our Hearts, O God
        30. Are People Really Lost?
        31. A Conscious Dependence Upon the Holy Spirit
        32. Freedom in Christ
        33. The Word of God: Our Center
        34. Gather Update
        35. Who Is My Neighbor?
        36. We Are A munity
        37. We Have a Holy Dissatisfaction
        38. Journeying Together
        39. No Perfect People Allowed
        40. Your Part in the munity
        41. We Are His Church
        42. Global 6k Celebration Sunday
        43. Remembering God
        44. Different Than We Expected: Easter
        45. Different Than We Expected: Palm Sunday
        46. 18 Truths About Us from Romans 8: Part 3
        47. 18 Truths About Us from Romans 8: Part 2
        48. Guest: Megan Burch, World Vision
        49. 18 Truths About Us from Romans 8: Part 1
        50. Guest: Jen Friesen, Young Life
        51. The Blazing Center of Our Mission
        52. Sermon Date Speaker Title Scripture
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          This is where we ask questions, post ments, and have discussions about life in the Creekside munity.


          weekly newsletter

          ทีเด็ด บอล เดี่ยว คืน นี้


          Click to hear a personal update from Pastor Mark and a reminder of our uping church plans in April.

          Sunday Sermon

          Join us for this week’s sermon?“A Response of Obedience” by Pastor Mark Hjelmervik
          During this Lenten season we will traverse the wild journey of the Old Testament prophet Jonah and discover how his story and what we learn from it leads us ultimately deeper in our understanding and daily encounter with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!Find us this Sunday on our online church platform.Catch up on past sermons here.

          In Joy and?Sorrow?
          By Abigail Welborn

          I first wrote this blog post in 2008, but I thought it related to a lot of what the church family is experiencing this week.
          There’s a great line in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. After Hermione has explained all the conflicted emotions of another character to Harry, their friend Ron says, “One person can’t feel all that at once, they’d explode.” Hermione retorts with a snarky ment, but…

          this sunday march 28, 2021

          Sunday Service, 9:30AM
          Find us online?at?https://ecreekside.online.church/

          Tithing & Donation Options

          Click here to learn more about Creekside’s giving options.

          Prayer Requests

          Click here to send a request for prayer or celebrate a praise to our Pastor and/or Prayer Team.

          Join us immediately following the live sermon broadcast for our Zoom mons, a chance to catch up with Creeksiders.
          Zoom link here.
          Meeting ID #149-860-622
          Password: Jesus

          Join the Pre-Service Prayer via Zoom?here.

          Creekside Youth Disc Golf
          Sunday March 28, 1PM

          Join our new Youth Pastor, Tim Anderson, and other Creekside youth for disc golf at Juel munity Park on Sunday?March 28, at 1pm! Bring a mask, a disc, and a friend!
          NE 116 Street,
          Redmond, WA 98052

          uping gatherings

          Sunrise Easter Service
          April 4, 6:30AM
          Details ing soon.
          April 11, 3:30PM

          Join us for an?outdoor?and?in-person?munion service on?Sunday, April 11?at 3:30PM?at Creekside Covenant church.? During this short and simple service, we will provide individually contained?munion?elements.? We ask the everyone follow the current guidelines of social distancing and wearing masks during this service (as well as staying home if you are experiencing any Covid symptoms or have been recently exposed).
          We will still offer our regular Zoom?munion?service immediately following our online service that morning (especially for those who are unable to e to the afternoon option at Creekside).
          Neighborhood Prayer Walks
          April 18 & April 25, 3:30PM

          Details ing soon.

          new announcements

          Now Hiring: Ministry Administrator
          We continue to wele your prayers over the process we are in as we search for a Ministry Administrator.? We have posted the position on multiple platforms.??Until this position is filled, we continue to wele new applicants…so keep spreading the word.
          Here is the original email announcement.
          Reboot of Children’s Ministry Team
          In April we will begin rebooting our children’s ministry team. ?This team is open to anyone who is interested or passionate in seeing the children of our church and munity encounter Jesus and grow into a deep and lasting relationship with Jesus. ?This is open to those who have served in this area before as well as those who have not. ?Pastor Mark will be leading the reboot and rebuild of this team and ministry as we prepare for further children’s ministry opportunities in the months to e. ?If you would like to be a part of an initial Zoom meeting in mid/late April to learn more about this opportunity to serve, please let Pastor Mark know. ?By attending this informational/initial meeting, you are not mitting to be on the team (at least not quite yet!)
          Walk for Water |?Team World Vision 6k
          May 16-22

          Team Creekside is at it again! ?The team is now forming to help bring clean water to everyone. ?There are a few changes this year. ?We will be doing the same format as last year, a 7 day 6k. ?Meaning that every day for 7 days we will walk a 6k. ?Our final day will be in conjunction with the Global 6k. ?There is a marathon option on the final day If you would rather do that.
          The dates are May 16-22 with the Global 6k being on May 22.
          Here is our team page link to register .Click here to sign up for only the 6k?(and use the code CLEANWATER to take $15 off the registration fee)If you have any questions, please contact Colette Aguirre.

          Covid Vaccine Info List
          Thanks to talent of Creeksiders, an email distribution list has been created so we, as a hive-mind, can spread the word about vaccine locations and options.? Click here to sign up for emails.
          Want to spread the word about vaccine availability or new vaccine options?? Simply email the group:
          Encountering Jesus
          We would love to hear from more Creeksiders about how you’ve been encountering Jesus in recent weeks and months. ?If you’d be up for sharing in one of our uping worship services, please let Pastor Mark know.

          covid response

          Creekside Phased Re-Opening
          Read our latest update on Creekside’s Guiding Principles for Reopening.
          The Leadership Team is actively reassessing our plan.
          We are still currently in CCC Phase 2 of our reopening plan.? To learn more details about this current phase and the rest of our plan please click?HERE.

          ing up

          Creekside Camp Out | Aug 13-15
          Book Club | Wednesdays
          Immerse: Prophets
          Cares Team Sign Up
          2021 Jubilee Reach Food Distribution
          Join Global Missions Team
          Small Groups
          Creekside Kids!
          Walk & Talk with Pastor Mark
          Right Now Media Resources
          Church Center App



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